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Dear Nature (2020)

In collaboration with Carmen Prum and Cheawon Shin, our Ceremony is to comfort nature. The nature around this place (Buitenplaats) has been used for a military reason until now so we wanted to show a new scenery by using visuals that can comfort nature. Also, we approached the forest using visuals that colors and images to look like part of nature, not human beings who hurt nature.

The elements in this ceremony come from self-made workshops around the theme of comforting nature and facade. We created a face filter to enter the forest as visual beings instead of humans, a bandage to help the trees heal from their past and to prevent further damage, mobiles to visualize the things we want to give nature in order to comfort it and a choreography with movements and sounds opposite from military drills. You might notice we used mainly 4 colors. We found out that blue, white, pink and purple do not exist within nature, so we wanted to show these colors to nature.